PSSE Member-to-Member Listserv Guidelines 

The Pennsylvania Statewide STEM Ecosystem (PSSE) aims to provide equitable access

to STEM learning experiences for every learner — from early childhood through adulthood. Features like PSSE’s Member-to-Member Listserv strive to encourage collaboration and resource-sharing that empower stakeholders and collectively advance STEM education. 

PSSE Member-to-Member Listserv Benefits the Sharing of:


PSSE Member-to-Member Listserv Guidelines 

We ask that Members please adhere to the following guidelines

Helpful Tips*: To communicate with all PSSE members, simply copy the entire email column in the spreadsheet and paste it into the “Bcc” field of your email. Use column search to find members in a certain city or organization and to Bcc a smaller group of members. If an email server limits the maximum number of recipients, try sending multiple emails to include all members on the list.

If at any time you want to the removed from the PSSE Member-to-Member Listserv, please contact Amanda Smith 

STEELS Standards Policy Memo to Shapiro Administration

The adoption of the 2022 Pennsylvania Science, Technology, Engineering, Environmental Literacy and Sustainability (STEELS) academic standards is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to maximize the impact of STEM innovation, workforce development, economic development, and educational excellence in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Statewide STEM Ecosystem (PSSE) calls on the incoming Shapiro-Davis administration to provide the resources and support to implement and assess these standards with fidelity.

STEM Education Policy Memo to Biden Administration

The Pennsylvania Statewide STEM Ecosystem (PSSE) is pleased to present this policy memo which is based on a cross-sector partners survey implemented in winter 2021. The survey collected data from 160 of cross-sector partners, comprised of a diverse sampling of professionals working as principals, teachers, formal and informal STEM educators, consultants, program managers, heads of professional development, school counselors, superintendents, assistant superintendents, and more. This memo is intended to help inform and guide the Biden/Harris administration as the administration designs and implements policies pertaining to STEM Education.