In December 2018, the Committee on STEM Education of the National Science and Technology Council announced the Federal Government’s five-year strategic plan for STEM education, based on a vision for a future where all Americans will have lifelong access to high-quality STEM education and the United States will be the global leader in STEM literacy, innovation, and employment. The plan accordingly strengthens the Federal commitment to equity and diversity, to evidence-based practice, and to engagement with the national STEM community through a nationwide collaboration with learners, families, educators, communities, and employers. Beyond guiding Federal activities and investments, it is intended to serve as a “North Star” for the broader community to help achieve the goals, pathways, and objectives within this plan. Pathways for success include:

  • Foster STEM Ecosystems that Unite Communities

  • Increase Work-based Learning and Training through Educator-Employer Partnerships

  • Blend Successful Practices from Across the Learning Landscape

"There are abundant opportunities available for careers in STEM fields, and we know that students interested in these fields deserve access to training programs and cooperatives that can help them develop needed skills and knowledge. These regional ecosystems bring STEM education to communities across the commonwealth, providing students from all areas with the resources and tools they need to pursue an interest in science and technology."

- Former PA Secretary of Education Pedro A. Rivera

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Supports STEM

Pennsylvania emphasizes the importance of transforming education and prioritizes STEM Ecosystems as a priority in our Commonwealth


NEPA STEM Ecosystem is proud to collaborate with the following STEM Learning Ecosystems across Pennsylvania:

logo for PA SEED STEM ecosystem link to their website
Logo for Remake Learning STEM Ecosystem linked to their webpage
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Engine of Central PA STEM Ecosystem Logo linked to their webpage